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Migraines can really sap a person’s energy. Even for a person without them, if you’ve had a busy, exhausting day, you may often feel that you can’t wait to crawl into your comfy bed and go to sleep. Most people recognize that sleep is vital to the proper function of the human body and brain. It helps a person to feel refreshed. However, for those with migraines sleep is more important than ever.

A research group located at the University of Mississippi discovered a connection between the number of headaches a patient experience and lack of a good night’s rest. This was also linked to an increase in disability due to migraines. According to an article published The Huffington Post, those with migraines must get at least eight hours of sleep for quality health.

What was Learned About Migraines

The above-mentioned study observed 300 participants put into two groups: those who suffered from migraine headaches and had periods of disability and those who did not have migraines at all. Sleep patterns were observed. Here are some of the revelations of the study:

  • Those with migraines and could not sleep well made up almost 86%
  • Those without migraines but did sleep well were 62%
  • Of the 300, 26.7% suffered from migraines
  • The conclusion was that the number of headaches and degree of disability was connected to not getting enough sleep.

Researchers and others agree. In fact, WebMD recommends getting a good night’s sleep to have fewer migraines. While this is helpful information for those coping with migraines, unless the underlying cause is addressed, they may continue to occur. A link between migraines and a misalignment in the neck is a potentially overlooked cause of migraines for some.

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Proper Spinal Alignment and a Reduction in Migraines

It only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter to wreak havoc on the entire body, including experiencing migraines. When the top bones of the neck misalign, the brainstem is put under stress, and it may no longer function properly. By using a gentle technique to realign the bones naturally, communication can be restored between the brain and body, leading to fewer migraines, or in some cases, none at all.

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