Learn More About Chronic Back Pain and Our Specialized Care

Explore the intricacies of chronic back pain and how our dedicated back pain specialists at Lazar Spinal Care can provide personalized solutions. Discover the benefits of QSM3 chiropractic care for lasting relief.

What Is Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common medical problem affecting 80% of the U.S. population. The pain can take several forms, ranging from a dull, regular ache to a sharp, sudden pain. Sometimes, it develops after an injury or accident. In other cases, it comes on slowly and is associated with inflammation or changes in the spine due to aging.

Back pain can vary in its location. You may feel discomfort in a single spot or generalized pain over the entire back. The pain can be persistent or may come and go. It might worsen when you're in a certain position, such as sitting or standing, or start as stiffness when you wake up.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Multiple factors can contribute to back pain. In the case of chronic back pain, a combination of issues may be present. Inflammatory conditions and structural problems in the back are two common causes of pain. In many cases, back pain develops without a clear cause.

Examples of structural concerns that can cause pain include: 

  • Back injuries, including strained muscles or sprained ligaments

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Ruptured discs

  • Slipped or fractured vertebra

  • Narrowing of the spinal canal

  • Scoliosis

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What QSMCare Does for Lower Back Pain?

Chiropractic care, particularly QSM3, proves effective for upper, lower, and generalized back pain. This medication-free, conservative approach is preferable over more invasive procedures. At Lazar Spinal Care in Ann Arbor, corrective chiropractic sessions are unlike what you might have seen in movies. You won't experience pops, cracks, or twists. The impact is often noticeable within a day or less after the session.

Meet QSM3 Chiropractors for Chronic Back Pain in Ann Arbor

Dr. Lazar and associates are dedicated QSM3 chiropractors for chronic back pain in Ann Arbor. To explore whether chiropractic care can offer relief for your specific situation, complete a short assessment or request an appointment with our exceptional back and spine specialists today.

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