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Fibromyalgia is a condition that is on the rise.  It is characterized by widespread body aches and pains, extreme fatigue, poor sleep, and mental cloudiness.  It is most common among women who are young to middle-aged, though it can certainly occur in men and children.

Research on fibromyalgia suggests that it is a pain sensitivity disorder that originates in the central nervous system, which is comprised of the brain and spinal cord.  Because of that fact, in order to take steps towards healing, we need to look at the nervous system for answers.

How Fibromyalgia Relates to Your Neck, Spine, and Nervous System

The vertebrae of your spine have a very important job.  When they are aligned properly, they provide a tough outer layer of protection for the brainstem and spinal cord.  The brainstem and spinal cord make up the conduit over which the brain communicates with the rest of the body.  This includes things as simple as wiggling your fingers to complex processes such as immune function, hormone production, and pain processing.  The vertebrae of the upper cervical spine, the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) protect the brainstem itself, which controls many of our unconscious functions – the things that happen without our conscious effort.  When there is a problem with communication at the level of the brainstem, it can affect the way our bodies sense pain, the way we regulate our sleep cycle, and many other deficits that can lead to fibromyalgia.

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Part of the solution then becomes restoring normal upper cervical alignment so that we can address the problem at the source.  At Lazar Spinal Care, we take an individualized approach to helping our patients get well with upper cervical chiropractic.  The idea is quite simple – when we are able to identify areas of suboptimal nervous system function, we work to gently realign the atlas so that normal communication can be restored.  Through this restoration, the body's natural healing process can begin to repair damaged tissues, and the brain can start to receive accurate information about pain sensations.  This can lead to the reduction or resolution of fibromyalgia.



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