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Back pain is an extremely common condition that doesn't discriminate.  It affects both men and women as well as those who sit a lot for work and those who work on their feet.  It can affect young and old alike.  Of course, the best-case scenario is preventing back pain from occurring through exercise, proper nutrition, and good spinal care.  However, what are the options when back pain becomes stubborn and nagging?

Understanding Your Spine

The spine is the link between your neck, mid, and low back.  Just as the links in a chain are connected, the vertebrae in your spine move together.  Keeping that in mind, it's easy to understand that just because the pain is occurring in the low back, that's not necessarily where the problem lies. That is why if you are in pain you should receive Spinal Pain Treatment by a professional.

When the C1 or C2 vertebra are misaligned, they have the potential to influence how the rest of the spine moves and feels.  The atlas (C1) is the uppermost bone of the spine, and it supports the weight of the head.  Any misalignment from its normal position can cause the head to be carried improperly, increasing the strain and stress on the rest of the neck.  The middle and lower back are then forced to compensate as well.  Only by correcting the misaligned atlas will the back pain ease, since the atlas is the source of the other compensations.

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Looking to the Neck to Address Back Pain

Upper cervical chiropractic care helps by keeping the C1 and C2 vertebrae properly aligned, thereby keeping your head in a neutral posture.  Once this is accomplished, the compensations and unequal muscle tension are taken out of the equation.  Although it may seem strange at first to address back pain by addressing misalignments in the neck, it can achieve lasting results because we are taking care of the problem at its source rather than chasing around symptoms.


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