What Causes Epilepsy?

There are many possible causes of this neurological disorder — it's been known to co-occur with strokes, brain trauma, infectious diseases and congenital conditions. The symptoms of epilepsy, like seizure frequency, intensity and length, vary from person to person. 

Epilepsy can impact every aspect of a person's life, from their quality of life to their mental health and physical well-being. Many of those with the disorder use medication to help manage their condition, but these solutions tend to only address symptoms rather than causes.

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Epilepsy?

A chiropractor can help by easing pressure on the nerves and encouraging the body to function well again. An upper cervical chiropractor focuses on the upper neck and back — they make adjustments that help realign the nervous system and can address underlying causes for seizures. 

They target the base of the skull to allow the nerves to experience greater stimulation, which can ultimately help reduce seizures. Chiropractors can also correct the spine's overall alignment to ease pinched nerves that may be inhibiting proper nerve function.

By focusing on and adjusting this small area, chiropractors can encourage whole-body health, communication and healing. Receiving chiropractic care can help those with epilepsy improve their quality of life.

Why Choose Lazar Spinal Care?

At Lazar Spinal Care, we understand the pain you experience with epilepsy. We are dedicated to helping you find relief and live a life you enjoy. Since 2008, we've been providing the compassionate, welcoming and total-body care our clients have needed to experience lifelong wellness.

We are an upper cervical chiropractor that uses gentle spinal adjustment methods to get to the core of your symptoms. As the only National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) trained and Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) certified office in the Ann Arbor area, we have the perspectives, skills and services you need to find balance, healing and relief.

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