What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

Your spinal column is made up of bones called vertebrae, which protect your nerve-packed spinal cord. Between each vertebra is a cartilage “cushion” called an intervertebral disc. These pillow-like discs serve as shock absorbers and enable flexibility in your spine, allowing you to bend. When a disc tears or gets misplaced, it can press on nerves in your spinal cord. This can result in a range of symptoms, including:

  • Pain: If the injured disc isn't pressing on a nerve, it might cause a dull backache without sending pain to your legs or feet. You could experience pain on one side of your body, and you might feel worse after certain movements, like coughing or bending.

  • Numbness or weakness: A herniated disc can press on the nerves in your spine, causing numbness, tingling or weakness. So, you might feel tingling in your leg.

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Our Chiropractor Can Help You

Sometimes, a herniated disc can heal on its own, not requiring surgery. You might need several months to recover, and you could experience discomfort or pain along the way. During that time — and after you heal — it's important to avoid re-injuring or straining your back so your body can repair itself naturally.

Chiropractic care can make recovery easier and help keep a herniated disc from worsening. A chiropractor can also help you find symptom relief as your body heals. 

At Lazar Spinal Care, we can help you through the symptoms of your herniated disc, using our expertise to help ease your pain and stress.

We offer an advanced chiropractic approach called Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3). QSM3 is an upper cervical chiropractic method that aims to restore balance in the spine, relieving tension and pain. With QSM3, you can experience these benefits:

  • Painless: QSM3 uses a light touch and doesn't involve twisting, popping or cracking. 

  • Non-invasive: Our approach helps reduce inflammation and pain without surgery and its associated risks.

  • Medicine-free: QSM3 helps take pressure off your spine, joints and muscles to promote healing and pain relief without medications.

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