How Aging Impacts Your Back

As we age, the spine naturally degenerates over time. The vertebrae and soft, gel-like discs deteriorate, leading to balance and coordination issues, stiffness, arthritis, headaches and other health concerns. 

Medication is the traditional treatment for age-related back issues, but pharmaceuticals are not your only option. While taking a pill may provide some relief, it does not treat the root of the problem. Chiropractic care can support a healthy lifestyle and may reduce the need for expensive medicines with potentially unpleasant side effects.

QSM3 Chiropractic Care for Older Adults

If you struggle with general back pain or specific spinal issues, chiropractic care may help. This conservative treatment requires no medication and is often preferable to more invasive medical procedures. Our advanced QSM3 techniques are highly suited to the needs of older adults. We apply specific, gentle corrections without twisting, popping or cracking to reduce any additional risk of injury and help our older patients feel more comfortable.

While you may not feel much during a QSM3 adjustment, you should notice results afterward. 

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Maintain a better quality of life as you age. Chiropractic care with gentle QSM3 procedures may help. Book an appointment with Dr. Lazar or one of his skilled associates to learn more.

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