Headaches and Migraines

In our office, we have countless examples of people who have been able to get rid of their chronic headaches, debilitating migraines, and facial or jaw pain by fixing the problems in the upper neck. If you or someone you love is suffering with headaches (cluster, migraine, pressure, sinus, etc), call our Ann Arbor chiropractic office and set up a free consultation with one of our doctors.

Autism Spectrum Disorder / Pervasive Developmental Disorder / Sensory Processing Disorder

Because of our understanding of the neurology in the upper neck and brainstem, we have helped hundreds of children diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum (including PDD), and SPD. Results are astonishing as restore balance to the spine, body framework, and nervous system.

Neck and Back Pain

Because we’re really, really good at correcting your spine as a unit (not individual segments), we get the pressure off neck and back nerves that are causing you so much grief. What’s great is we never pop, crack, twist, or pull the spine. Even though it doesn’t feel like very much is happening, our procedures make neck pain and back pain melt away and stay away.

Families Seeking Wellness

We absolutely love taking care of entire families. Families go to church together and eat dinner together. You vacation together, play games together, and enjoy life together. So why would anyone possibly think to get themselves healthy while ignoring everyone else in their household? Whether you need corrective care for autism or ADHD, or wellness care, we have plans that will make your family express life, vitality, and health like never before. We’re changing the way families in Southeast Michigan think about their health, and it starts with a visit to our office.

Give our Ann Arbor chiropractic office a call to begin your journey toward health!