What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a curve in the spine that looks like an S or C.

Everyone's spine curves slightly, usually at the lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions on the sagittal plane. The natural curves of the spine are critical for shock absorption and proper positioning of the head. Scoliosis occurs when the curve is in the coronal plane, or the front. 

Scoliosis is often diagnosed when a person is a young teenager or preteen. The condition can persist into adulthood, potentially causing discomfort throughout the body. Chiropractic therapy can help relieve the uncomfortable sensations caused by more advanced scoliosis.

What Causes Scoliosis?

The cause of scoliosis is often unknown, or idiopathic. It could be a result of a person's hormones, genes or changes in cell structure in the body. Trauma or disease can also contribute to scoliosis.

The most common type of scoliosis is usually diagnosed when a child is age 11 or older. The condition affects girls more often than boys and tends to run in families. 

What Are the Symptoms of Scoliosis?

Scoliosis can cause visual changes to the spine and body. For example, a person may have one shoulder that is noticeably higher than the other. Their rib cage or hips may also appear uneven, with one side being higher.  

The condition can cause physical sensations as well. Low back pain that travels down the legs is a common symptom. A person with scoliosis may feel tired or weak after standing or sitting for an extended period. Some people also have shoulder pain and difficulty breathing. 

QSMCare May Ease Scoliosis Symptoms

Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis may not be able to completely straighten the spine or cure scoliosis, but adjusting the spine can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. 

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