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The information in this blog will tell you about real Vitamin D (best source from real cod liver oil), real supplements from plant, animal and glandular extracts; and antimicrobials to kill germs, and fungus in your sinuses, throat, bronchi, and lungs.

As for antibiotics for these problems, most of Europe has trended away from prescription antibiotics.  They rarely help relieve symptoms or resolve the sinusitis sooner, and besides this, they can be harmful.  they contribute to antibiotic abuse problems worldwide.  The newest study on antibiotics and sinusitis shows that 10 days of amoxicillin versus a placebo showed no difference!  To reference all there studies, go to for real numbers.  the results of all the studies show that 93.2% of people show no benefit, 6.8% show slight improvement, 12.5% are harmed, and 1.4% can't tolerate the drugs!....and the what were the effects on their digestive tract?...but that is a subject perhaps for another blog!

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient.  It is anticancer.  It is an essential part of your hormone balance.  It is a building block to prevent chronic colds, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Here are a few things that immunology experts are saying:

  • Vitamin D directly and favorably affects the cells of you immune system, including monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, and T cells (parts of our immune system that fights infection and disease).
  • When it comes to your immune system, vitamins A and D take center stage by influencing dozens of immune system reactions and responses to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. (1). The technical names for just some of the cells and immune functions that vitamin d favorable affects are T cells, B cells, cacitriol (which regulates over 100 genes), monocytes, interleukin-1 interleukin-17, interferon, CD4, and CD8 cells , plasma cells, and immunoglobulin.
  • Vitamin D suppresses inflammation (the source of most of your suffering) in the sinuses as well as your nasal and breathing membranes.
  • Vitamin D levels are consistently lower in patients who suffer from chronic sinus problems, sinusitis, sinus infection, rhino sinusitis, and even nasal polyps.
    Do not take store -bought Vitamin D:  Studies are showing that synthetic high doses of vitamin D can cause problems.  Some of these problems relate to calcification in your body.  That means that hardening of the arteries might worsen, kidney stones might form,  after blockages to your heart could worsen and joints may exhibit more osteoarthritis changes.  That is why you must get your vitamin D from whole food sources such as the ones we carry.  There are other very effective products that we use, but they are best utilized by your immune system when we can check specifically with the techniques we use, NRT (Nutrition Response Testing).
    So please don't hesitate to ask regarding what we can do for you when it comes to strengthening your immune system and/or helping you overcome the symptoms that we have mentioned above.

(1). Abuseid, W.M., Akbar, N.A., Acharek, M.A., "Vitamin D and Chronic Rhinitis", Current opinion in Allergy & Cinical Immunology, February 2012; 12 (1) : 13-17.

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