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 Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) is normal brain biochemistry and physiology gone wrong.  What are some of the causes of SAD?  The most important factor to check is what is causing the brain to not function as well as it does in warmer and sunnier weather.  Factor 1:  Toxins  When the brain is exposed to toxins, it slows its production of such key biochemicals like Dopamine.  Dopamine is associated with the "pleasure system" of the brain and encourages  feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate performance.  So assessing if there are toxins like heavy metals or chemicals in the body that are getting to the brain and decreasing the ability of the brain to produce adequate amounts of Dopamine can be a factor in SAD.  Immune challenges cam depress the ability of the brain to function.  Food sensitivities are often part of the cause of SAD.  Having a nutritional assessment to check for these interferences is crucial for a successful recovery.  Foundational nutritional components such as the right minerals, fatty acids (oils) and blood sugar support are very important to creating a "happy brain".   Many patients are either on the wrong minerals or oils or simply are lacking the ability to transport glucose to the brain (due to sugar regulation issues).  Also if the body does not have the right balance of key vitamins and minerals, it won't properly use fats.  Some diets contain too much grain and soy, which robs the body of key minerals and proteins which help in the production of dopamine as well. 

The Applied Kinesiology techniques of Nutrition Response Technique, Homeopathy and clinical labs give us impressive, noninvasive, and comprehensive ways of analyzing our clients for the presence of toxins, other interferences and nutritional deficiencies.  

We have seen many clients overcome the "Winter Blues" after getting detoxed and balancing their nutritional biochemistry!

Seasonal Depression is brain cell  biochemistry and physiology gone wrong!!!



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