Frequently Asked Questions

Ann Arbor chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Lazar and his team provide answers to many of the common questions that they receive about chiropractic care. The goal is to help you achieve optimal health so you can live life well. If you have any additional questions, please call us at (734) 274-5107.

How much does your care cost?

That depends on what your needs are. One of the great things about our office is our doctors never charges to sit down and talk with you about your needs. Then, if they feel they can help you, they will be able to determine what you may need and how much it will cost. The fee begins when we decide to work together. Keep in mind, our practice members are typically seen one half less often than traditional chiropractic offices, and most receive permanent relief, we also have affordable payment options.

Do you take my insurance?

Payment is due at the time of the service, and we will provide you with the claim form to submit to your insurance company. It’s simple and easy. The form we give you has all the information your insurance company needs to process claims. All you do is fold the paper up and mail it to the address on the back of your card. Then if you have coverage for out of network chiropractic care they will reimburse you directly. Our patients find it very easy and we offer affordable payment options.

Once I start, will I have to go forever?

At Lazar Spinal Care your doctor will set you up with a course of corrective care, specific to your health concerns and diagnosis which certainly has a beginning and an end. Many of our patient’s understand the importance of maintenance care (think about your car, your house, the Golden Gate Bridge) and decide to continue care to remain healthy. We are always available to answer any questions regarding care recommendations.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

This depends on several factors:

  • Your age. Our healing potential diminishes with age. There are exceptions, but generally children and young adults see quicker results. This is why we take care of so many kids.
  • Your problem. It takes longer to resolve long-standing problems that have been neglected. More recent health problems tend to resolve faster.
  • Your discipline. Are you willing to form some new health habits? If you’re coachable, and follow our suggestions, you’ll see better results.
  • Your goal. Your intentions are just as important as ours. Our motive is to support you in attaining optimum health. Is that what you want?
  • Your attitude. It’s been proven that those with a positive outlook heal faster. As your nervous system works better, anything is possible!
Do you work with medical doctors?

Yes, we will coordinate care with any other physicians that you are currently seeing. This allows for better care, so your entire health care team is informed on your progress.

Are you one of those chiropractors who think they can cure everything?

No, we believe that our job as your NUCCA and QSM3 chiropractors is not to cure any condition, but to restore optimal function to your nervous system by removing nerve interference. If our doctors are able to help you, they will let you know. If you are not a candidate for care, we will refer you elsewhere.

Do I need a referral from a physician of my insurance company?

In Michigan you have direct access to chiropractic care. Unless you have an insurance or health plan reimbursement guideline that requires this, you are able to come directly to our office for your care.

Will I get adjusted on the first visit?

Our doctor’s work at the level of the brainstem, which means they will need time to precisely measure and analyze your X-rays. As a result, you will receive your first spinal correction on a subsequent visit. If you are an out of town guest, our team will accommodate scheduling both of your visits the same day, typically one visit before lunch and one after.

Why do we take x-rays?

They allow us to:

  • Find out if you have a problem we can help you with.
  • Determine what stage or condition your spine is in.
  • Obtain a specific “key” to unlock the misalignment of your spine.
  • Most importantly, having the proper information keeps us from guessing with your health care. Adjusting without an x-ray would be like flying a plane without radar. We’ll never guess with your health.
How do we go about minimizing your x-ray exposure?
  • Necessary views only: Only the views needed to accurately analyze your problem are taken.
  • Digital x-rays: Less exposure is required for each view by using less exposure and enhancing the image on our computers afterwards.
  • Electronic timing: High-tech timing devices make exposures in 1/100ths of a second more precise.
  • Intensification screens: Luminescent film cassettes amplify the image and reduce the exposure needed for each view.
  • Filtration and collimation: We use lead filters, lead aprons, and we limit the beam to the film size to avoid exposure to other body parts.
What will my x-rays reveal?
  • Reveal pathologies, degeneration, and subluxations
  • Show a history of your spinal stresses, letting us know how long your problems has been present
  • Visualize the location of spinal problems
  • Confirm other examination findings
  • Make your adjustments more precise
  • Record structural and functional progress
How many x-rays are safe?
  • A normal cervical film is 40 mr (MiliRoentgens)
  • The safety zone per year is zero-5 Roentgens
  • To stay within the safety zone, a total of 125 cervical films could be taken each year. We take less than 10.

Our Doctors receive over 200 accredited hours of training and government certification to take X-rays.

Years of experience: Predictable high-quality images are the results of years of experience. An accurate record of your spine far outweighs the minimal risk.

Do you have a family plan?

We love taking care of families and have family options for both corrective and wellness care.

Can someone who has had back surgery see a chiropractor?

It is recommended that patients see a chiropractor before having back surgery. As a matter of fact, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan mandates that all patients with low back pain must receive chiropractic care before having surgery. Because of the gentle nature of the NUCCA / QSM3 spinal correction, it is still possible to get the help you are seeking even if you have already had surgery. And since we aren’t popping, cracking, or twisting the spine, there is virtually no risk.

Over all, the Lazar Spinal Care difference can be summed up in 5 major distinctions:
  • Force is much lighter
  • Comfort Level is higher
  • Proof of Correction is higher
  • Stability is higher
  • Accuracy is higher
How much time does it take for a visit?
  • First 2 Visits: 1 hour
  • Spinal Correction Visits: 10-15 min.
  • Re-evaluation visits: 30 min

Give our Ann Arbor chiropractic office a call to begin your journey toward health!