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Many women experience headaches, fatigue and lower back pain while pregnant — to name a few symptoms. Although pregnancy does cause dramatic changes to a woman's body, it doesn't have to be painful. Women who see a chiropractor can safely treat and relieve many uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, there's still a lot of mystery around a visit to the chiropractor. Pregnant women are understandably concerned about protecting their babies and themselves during pregnancy, and doing something new can trigger anxiety. However, visiting the chiropractor could be one of the best ways you can invest in your and your unborn baby's health. 

What Is Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

When you visit a chiropractor, a trained specialist will use gentle pressure to adjust your spine and joints. Spinal adjustments can affect your overall health because they impact your nervous system. A healthy nervous system helps your body communicate — it regulates your hormonal, endocrine and lymphatic systems and more. 

People who visit the chiropractor can find relief from physical pain and even mental anxiety that's related to nervous system dysfunction. Chiropractic visits can improve your quality of sleep and help your body handle the stress of everyday life.

Seeing a chiropractor while you are pregnant can be even more beneficial to your body than normal. The body releases a hormone known as relaxin during pregnancy to help the joints and ligaments stretch in preparation for birth. As your baby grows, your center of gravity will shift, and your posture may change. 

Your body experiences many other hormonal changes too. All these physical changes happen very quickly, so it can be difficult to find a sense of normalcy. Chiropractor prenatal care is designed to support your body throughout these changes so you and your baby can experience optimal health.

Prenatal chiropractic care can be beneficial throughout your pregnancy. It's especially recommended if you're experiencing hip, neck or back pain, headaches, or other uncomfortable symptoms. What a massage does for your muscles, chiropractic care could do for your nervous system and physical alignment. 

What Does a Prenatal Chiropractor Do?

When you come in for a prenatal chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will make gentle adjustments to your body to relieve pain and discomfort. Chiropractic prenatal care focuses on adjusting your spine for better physical functioning. This adjustment can bring relief for headaches, hormonal imbalances and many other pregnancy symptoms.

Prenatal chiropractic care also focuses on hip placement to prepare you for an easier birth. Some women may experience misalignment in their pelvic area, which can make pregnancy and delivery more difficult. This misalignment can occur because of additional strain on the lower back and an imbalance of relaxed ligaments and joints in the body. 

The area around and within your pelvis is known as the “pelvic bowl.” The bones, muscles and ligaments in this part of your body affect your posture and also support your developing baby. You may have heard the bottom of your pelvic bowl described as your “pelvic floor.” While you are pregnant, the hormone relaxin helps this area become stretchy and ready for delivery. 

When your pelvic bowl is symmetrical and aligned properly with the rest of your spine, it's easier for your baby to rotate into the best position for labor. There is more room for your baby inside the womb, and they are less likely to be in a breech position when the time comes for delivery. Your chiropractor will check and adjust your pelvis and hips so they stay in optimal alignment. 

Many chiropractors use the Webster technique to support your body during pregnancy. The Webster technique checks the position of your sacrum, or the triangle-shaped bone at the base of your spine. After adjusting the sacrum, your chiropractor will also use massage to release pressure on the tissues connected to your pelvis. While the massage can feel a little tender, it creates more space for the baby and relieves pressure on your lower back. 

Benefits of Seeing the Chiropractor While Pregnant 


If you've had difficulty getting pregnant or are worried about the risk of a miscarriage, you may be concerned about visiting the chiropractor. If you've never been under chiropractic care, you may have additional concerns about how gentle the treatment is and the impact it may have on your baby. 

Certified, professional chiropractic doctors can safely support you and your baby's health. At our location in Ann Arbor, you will never experience painful popping, cracking or other rough physical manipulation. In fact, our treatments are so gentle that their positive results may surprise you. When done correctly, small adjustments can have a massive impact on your health. 

It is always recommended to talk to your doctor before deciding to see a chiropractor. In some cases, prenatal chiropractic care may not be the best fit for you and your baby's health. Here are some signs that you should wait on visiting the chiropractor: 

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa or placenta abruption
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Moderate to severe toxemia

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Your health care provider can help protect your pregnancy and navigate treatment options for complex pregnancies. In some cases, they may recommend chiropractic care as a way to reduce stress in your body. 

If you're experiencing a typical pregnancy, seeing a prenatal chiropractor can be a beneficial investment in your baby's health. As with any other doctor, you should research your options and ensure you pick a professional practice that is highly recommended with official certifications. Not every chiropractor is prepared to offer prenatal care. 

Most women can safely experience the incredible benefits of receiving prenatal chiropractic care. Prenatal chiropractic care could help: 

  • Reduce back and neck pain

  • Improve headaches

  • Support nervous system

  • Reduce morning sickness

  • Strengthen posture

  • Prepare pelvis for birth

  • Shorten labor time

Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant may significantly reduce physical discomfort. In some cases, prenatal chiropractic care can also improve your labor experience. Your baby's health is closely connected to your health throughout pregnancy. When your nervous system and musculoskeletal structure are functioning at their optimal levels, your body will be able to support your child at an optimal level. 

Clinical research suggests that women who receive chiropractic care often experience shorter labor times. This is connected to relief from back pain and a smaller likelihood of experiencing back labor during delivery. When the body can function at its highest level, labor and delivery go more smoothly. This is a massive benefit in addition to an improved pregnancy experience.

Choose Lazar Spinal Care in Ann Arbor

At Lazar Spinal Care, our goal is to support lifelong family wellness care for you and your loved ones. We believe your body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself when in healthy alignment. Our chiropractic corrections work to decompress stress in your body and support a healthy nervous system, which then benefits every other physical system.

Lazar Spinal Care is Ann Arbor's only QSM3 office, offering chiropractic care based on the most up-to-date research. Our adjustments are based on precise scientific measurements and completed using gentle, noninvasive techniques. We offer care to patients in all life stages, ranging from infancy to adulthood and prenatal care.

Chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Lazar has personally been under chiropractic care since he was 14. After living through cancer, multiple surgeries and resulting pain med prescriptions, Dr. Lazar decided to make health and healing the focus of his career. He chose chiropractic care because of its natural approach, safety and unquestionable results. Check out our patient testimonials to learn more about Lazar Spinal Care.

We put a high value on your time. Our goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals with the minimal amount of assistance from our practice. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, please email or call our office. You can also request an appointment using the online form linked at the top right of our website.



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