How Does SoftWave Therapy Heal RLS?

SoftWave therapy is a form of shockwave therapy in which a provider will use a handheld device to send shockwaves to damaged tissues. Targeting the tissues this way helps stimulate them while increasing blood flow and cell regeneration. Since SoftWave therapy employs unfocused waves, providers can use it to target a larger area, resulting in improved pain relief.

What Can I Expect When I Undergo SoftWave Therapy?

One of the many great things about SoftWave therapy is that it is fast, and most patients can complete their sessions in under 20 minutes. Our team will start by applying ultrasound gel to your legs. We will then place the handheld shockwave device on your legs and begin your therapy session. 


You may experience a gentle tapping sensation or pulsing feeling as you receive your SoftWave therapy. However, these feelings will fade as soon as we remove the handheld device. Since we do not use anesthesia or numbing agents during therapy, you can leave our office and resume normal activities as soon as you complete the session.

How Long Do I Have to See Results for Restless Leg Syndrome?

Most patients report seeing a decrease in their restless leg syndrome symptoms soon after one session. SoftWave therapy can also aid in increasing overall mobility, which can last a few hours to several days after your session. Since SoftWave therapy stimulates your body's cells, it offers longer-lasting results so you can enjoy freedom from the symptoms of restless leg syndrome for longer.

Find Effective Therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome With Lazar Spinal Care

Restless leg syndrome can cause you to lose sleep or be unable to relax. Instead of trying to deal with this condition or ignore it, try an effective option from Lazar Spinal Care with our SoftWave therapy. 

SoftWave therapy helps stimulate the tissues in the leg, promoting natural healing for a long-lasting therapy method. To discover more about SoftWave therapy for restless leg syndrome and to see if it's the right option for you, schedule an appointment at our office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, today.


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