How Does Shockwave Therapy Help Arthritis?

Shockwave therapy for hand arthritis and other arthritis types is a noninvasive option that sends shockwaves throughout the cells and tissues in a specific area. These ultrasound waves help stimulate the tissues and heal chronic pain at a cellular level. 

Is SoftWave Therapy Different From Shockwave Therapy?

At Lazar Spinal Care, we offer SoftWave therapy — a form of shockwave therapy with a few differences. SoftWave therapy uses unfocused rather than focused sound waves to target a larger area and reduce inflammation. It is also one of the gentler forms of shockwave therapy, making it ideal for various concerns.


What Should I Expect During the SoftWave Therapy Process?

Patients typically complete a session of SoftWave therapy for arthritis in less than 20 minutes. After you arrive at our office, we will apply ultrasound gel to the pain area. Then, we will place the handheld SoftWave device into position and deliver shockwaves.

Most patients report feeling a tapping sensation that is noticeable but not painful throughout their SoftWave therapy session. As we administer the therapy, we may ask questions about your pain levels and if you are experiencing pain in other locations in your body. These questions ensure our therapy is effective and help us identify other areas that may benefit from it.

Since we do not administer anesthetic or other numbing agents during therapy, you can return home as soon as we complete your SoftWave session.

When Will I See the Results From SoftWave Therapy?

Most patients see results after their first session and often notice an improvement in mobility that lasts from a few hours to a few days after therapy. The exact number of sessions you complete will depend on your pain levels, but we recommend attending multiple sessions to experience the most benefit.

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