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Whiplash can make every task feel like a chore. Simply turning your head to speak to the person beside you can cause pain and discomfort. If whiplash symptoms have put your life on hold, a chiropractor can help.

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What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by moving your head forward and backward too quickly and with too much force. Although car accidents typically cause whiplash, any sudden neck movement can injure your neck's muscles, tendons and nerves. Sometimes, whiplash leads to vertebral misalignments or worsens preexisting misalignments.

For example, falling down or riding a roller coaster can cause your neck to stretch or compress beyond its usual capacity, leading to whiplash. The greater your neck extends or compresses, the more severe the whiplash. 

What Are Whiplash Symptoms?

Whiplash symptoms may appear right after the injury occurs, or it could take several hours or even days to feel the effects. Symptoms typically include:

  • Pain or stiffness in your neck, shoulder or back

  • Tenderness around the injured area

  • Muscle spasms

  • Headaches 

  • Difficulty moving or turning your neck

In severe cases, whiplash can affect the nervous system and cause neurological symptoms like numbness, tingling or vision problems. The most severe whiplash symptoms may be signs of a vertebral fracture or misalignment.

Why See a Chiropractor for Whiplash?

A chiropractor can pinpoint the areas causing whiplash symptoms and provide care accordingly. It's vital to get examined by a health care professional, like a chiropractor, if you're experiencing whiplash symptoms, especially if you've had pain for a few days or longer. Seeking chiropractic care will help prevent chronic issues.

If you've experienced a neck injury, see us as soon as you can. We'll perform a tailored assessment and use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify the source of your pain and diagnose misalignments. Our individualized approach helps us determine the best techniques for addressing the root of your symptoms. 

We use innovative, science-backed techniques to gently correct misalignments, accelerate healing and restore whole-body balance. Our methods include:

  • Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3): QSM3 is a specialized upper cervical care method. With QSM3, we apply a gentle touch to the upper cervical region to restore your spine to its proper position. This takes pressure off the injured area and nervous system, helping you heal and feel better faster. 

  • Tissue regenerative technology (TRT): Depending on your needs, we may also incorporate TRT to relieve whiplash symptoms and help you recover from the injury. With TRT, we use a special device to deliver a shockwave to the injured area. The shockwave stimulates cell growth in damaged tissues to propel healing and alleviate pain.

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Whiplash symptoms are not something to ignore. Seeing a chiropractor will help you heal faster and keep whiplash symptoms from turning into chronic pain.

Whether you have this condition or any other form of pain, we can assist. We believe in helping our patients achieve wellness, enjoy more energy and live fuller, healthier lives. Contact us today to book your appointment or schedule a consultation online.



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