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Dr. Jonathan Lazar

Founder and Clinic Director

Our story

We've been serving people in Southeast Michigan since 2008.  Through adjunct faculty positions, speaking engagements, Dr. Lazar's radio show, podcast, and book, we've met several really awesome people who don't live in our area but want the care they hear about.  As a result of this overwhelming need, we started offering intensives at our Ann Arbor clinic.  As the need continued to grow, we started partnering with local providers all over the globe.  This way, we can oversee the care so it's delivered the way they're hearing about, and they can do it closer to home.  

"Getting the care I know I want without having to travel has been amazing!"

- Kathy C. (Florida, USA)
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Why should I partner with LSC?

Serve patients we find, screen, and consult.  Provider the services we request and get paid for it.  No marketing.  No billing.  No accounts receivable.  No fuss.  Just care.

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Together we'll go far

Collaborate with a team that cares for patients like you do!  A rising tide raises all ships, right?  Let's team up to serve more.