Meet Ann Arbor Chiropractor Dr. Sam Wireman

  • As a child, I remember knowing someday that I would become a doctor. Anatomy and physiology always intrigued me, and my favorite days were spent working with my hands to fix things.

Meet Ann Arbor Chiropractor Dr. Sam Wireman

The healthcare field felt like the perfect fit, because helping people drew me in. After working as a chiropractic assistant in high school, my decision was made. I wanted to be a chiropractor. I moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia in order to attend Life University for undergrad and chiropractic.

Growing up, I used to suffer from migraine headaches. Generally, I would get a migraine every week to every other week and they would absolutely wipe me out. While in chiropractic school, I learned about how upper cervical chiropractic could help with migraines. After studying upper cervical, I went under care and it took care of my migraines. This was a pivotal moment for me because I was able to experience the difference I could make for those in need. As it turns out, the first person I helped just so happened to be my mom.

She had suffered from migraine headaches every day for nearly 25 years. She had been to many doctors, including traditional chiropractors. They helped, but it was only short term relief. After gaining my own personal results with upper cervical care, I knew I had to get her under the proper care. We drove an hour and half to find the closest chiropractor that practiced this particular chiropractic specialty and it was worth it. From that first adjustment, she noticed a staggering difference. Rather than temporary short-term relief, she was going months without migraines. That was years ago and she has yet to have a migraine! Daily migraines diminished into just a few minor headaches a year; this was a difference-maker to say the least. She is still under consistent care, because it allows her to control her migraines instead of her migraines controlling her.

This experience gave me hope for the hopeless and certainty in knowing this was the right career path for me. It continues to reinforce my desire to always push for better ways of providing care.

On a Personal Note…

I met the love of my life while at chiropractic school. After practicing for 2 years in Georgia, I followed her to Michigan where she grew up. We both value family and plan on starting one ourselves someday. When not in the office, you’ll find me outdoors — hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting or even just exploring new places. I love it all!