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We believe in lifelong family wellness care. 

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Our Purpose...

 is to help families realize their full, God-given potential. We do this by facilitating healing and we lead people to a life of non-interference through specific, gentle chiropractic care. The most common form of disease care today is intervention based. In other words, people wait until there is a noticeable problem and then react to it. We believe in simply removing interference before it shows up as a problem.

Our Story...

Dr. Jonathan Lazar established Lazar Spinal Care in 2008. He wanted to do things differently. He wanted to attract people who were sick and tired of being sick and tired into a place that was different. He believes it is your God-given right to get better (if you have a problem), stay well, and feel alive.

People are used to traveling to Ann Arbor for the best care in the world, so we thought we’d fit right in. The average upper cervical patient in the United States travels 150 miles.


Our Core Values

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